Just Launched Forestwood Residences In Singapore – A Great Lifestyle Choice


Singapore has long been the destination of choice for foreigners looking to experience the wonders of Southeast Asia in a location which boasts ultra modern facilities, some of the best shopping in the area and is incredibly safe, as well as being the ideal environment to bring up kids due to the simply world class array of great schools on the island. When you combine these attractions with cuisine that has been recognized by some of the world’s top chefs as being truly exceptional, as well as easy access on low cost airlines to some of the most exciting destinations in the region (Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam are only a few) the it’s no wonder that many foreigners decide to purchase property on the island.

And it’s not only foreigners who are deciding to get on the property bandwagon. The pace of development in both the inner regions of Singapore and the ‘heartlands’ has got locals excited as well. There are a number of new developments in these areas that are attracting a lot of attention. One of these is the Forest wood Residences development which has been launched in the Lorong Lew Lian area of Serangoon.

This development is attracting all the right kinds of attention due to the fact that it is priced right due to the 99 year lease option that is available to prospective buyers and the fact that buying in the area is a great investment. If the trends established at other development sin the area are anything to go by Forest woods is going to sell out quickly.

Actual Site Street View

The development is also extremely attractive due to the number of amenities that are within easy walking distance as well as the proximity of a number of public transportation options including Singapore’s incredibly efficient MRT rail system (Serangoon MRT station is only around 5 minutes easy walk from the development).

As far as shopping or retail choice is concerned staying at the new CDL development makes a great deal of sense. There are a number of modern malls within east walking distance of the development including NEX, the Upper Serangoon Shopping Center, Heartland Mall and the ICB Shopping Center. The proximity of these malls means that those purchasing units at the development will have easy access to retail outlets such as Cold Storage, Shop & Save, Giant and NTUC. This makes monthly or even daily shopping trips an absolute breeze.

Those with kids can be assured that there is an enormous choice when it comes to educational options. There are a number of international schools in the area, including the Australian International School and the Stamford American International School. There are also a myriad of home grown Singaporean schools to choose from – all boasting what has been recognized as some of the best standards of education in the world.

For foodies an apartment at Forestwood Residences puts them within easy reach of the famous Chomp Chomp Food Center which has an exceptional reputation for some of the best ‘hawkers market’ type meals in Singapore. There are also numerous Western style restaurants in the area which provide ample opportunity for those who want to explore different cuisines. Late night entertainment is also found in abundance.

For those who wish to eforestwoods-unitlistsxplore the opportunity to purchase one of the units at Forest woods by CDL there are numerous choices. Apartments ranging from one to four bedrooms are available and there are 500 units to choose from. The development is 12 stories high and will boast some of the most exceptional views in Singapore due to the low rise nature of the surrounding neighborhood – a fact which will also allow for cooling breezes to flow over the apartment development.

Forest woods also boast all the modern amenities that any Singaporean condominium should have. A barbecue area makes entertaining a breeze and the pool and kiddies pool provides ample opportunity for the family (and friends) to enjoy some quality time together. A gym and yoga room, as well as a sundeck and viewing deck mean that keeping fir and relaxing is easier than ever before. The kids will also love the playground.

For those who want to invest in a great lifestyle in one of Singapore’s most exciting neighborhoods then Forest woods  is the perfect choice.

How To Sell Your Property In A Challenging Market


The Singapore property market isn’t exactly a bright spot at the moment. Mortgage refinance rates have been fluctuating up and down causing concern with home owners, market is starting to get flooded with lots of new supply as well in 2017. But if you are thinking of selling your property before prices slip further, here’s some useful tips you may want to keep in mind.

1. Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD)

The Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD) was introduced by the Government on 20 Feb 2010 and was further revised on 30 Aug 2010 and 14 October 2011 in order to discourage property speculation. Properties acquired before 20 Feb 2010 will not be subject to SSD.

Currently, the Seller’s Stamp Duty stands at:

• Holding period of up to 1 year : 16% of price or market value, whichever is higher
• Holding period of up to 2 years : 12% of price or market value, whichever is higher
• Holding period of up to 3 years : 8% of price or market value, whichever is higher
• Holding period of up to 4 years : 4% of price or market value, whichever is higher

As you can see, the SSD can eat into your potential gains so you’d need to factor them into your final transaction price. The SSD is only applicable to private residential properties, whereas for HDB you’d need to meet the Minimum Occupation Period(MOP) of 5 years.

2. Ask For A Reasonable Price

You might have bought your property in the last few years where the market was at its peak. With prices currently cominHome Make Over Living Roomg down and expectations of an influx of private property coming up, you’d have to be realistic about your asking price. Many seller advertise their asking price at a higher rate because they want to factor in the possibility of negotiation from the buyer. However, asking for a unrealistically high price will put off potential buyers from even contacting you. What you might want to do is to check out the recent transaction prices so as to have a fair estimate of your property’s valuation. Alternatively, your real estate agent will be able to help you gather such relevant information.

3. Choose A Good Property Agent

Yes, you do not need to engage an agent to buy or sell your property. But do you really want to go through all the hassle of administrative tasks and paper work and risk missing important legal details as well? A licensed agent will also have access to tools that you do not have, such as using specialised portals to market your property and help you negotiate prices with potential buyers.

You might also want to consider getting an exclusive agent so that he can handle all enquiries instead of having many agents trying to sell your house at the cheapest price possible.

4. Consider Home-Staging

Home-staging may not be a term most people are familliar with but the idea is not new. Home-staging refers to the act of preparing a residential property for sale by making it look more appealing. Some easy ways to do this is to give your place a fresh coat of paint, re-arrange your furniture to give it a more spacious look and mend all leaking ceiling and cracks.

5. Consider Renting Instead Of Selling In A Poor Market

If you are having a hard time finding a buyer and you are unwilling to let go of your property at the market price, you can always consider renting it out. Singapore has a huge rental market due to its large expat community and if you are able to get a reasonable rental yield, it can in fact be a better option to selling your property at a loss.

We hope this 5 tips will be of use for you. If you are not sure, you can reach out to any professional certified real estate agent to provide you with good advise on how to sell your place in a buyers market.

Advantages of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Any form of investing to successfully expand your investment portfolio, your personal holdings and increase your personal net worth carries some sort of risk. The decided advantage goes to the individual that can invest wisely with less risks and finding all of the advantages of different types of investments. There are many different advantages to investing in commercial real estate and many of them include commercial real estate that actually has nothing to do with commercial properties in the classical sense.Office Buildings

In this day and age, the global economic crisis is causing many homeowners to lose their homes. Now while this is certainly a tragic event, it does present some unique opportunities for the willing and ably prepared real estate investors. With the market value of so many valuable properties being depreciated on a regular basis, a global financial crisis centered around far too many residential properties and new home sales down as far as they are, the real estate market for residential properties is amazingly profitable for many venture capitalists who have already diversified their interests and are looking for more and new lucrative real estate market opportunities.

Whether it is Condominiums on North Beach or residential mansions for sale in some of the more desirable locations around the globe for retirement living or raising a family, home prices are dropping and will inevitably bottom out soon enough. For the real estate investor who is willing to take advantage of this amazing combination of circumstances, the investment and potential returns are likely going to be a literal, once in a lifetime opportunity. Imagine being able to invest in vacation homes in some of the most popular vacation destinations around the globe. In this market, you do not have to imagine it. These are commercial real estate investments only insofar as they are a commercial investment and not simply purchasing properties built for commercial or industrial use.

Many nations around the globe are already taking steps to close these “loopholes” for the savvy real estate investor but the opportunities still remain, if not for a limited time. Chinese investments in US real estate are climbing to record highs with the newfound wealth of a more commercially friendly China and the depreciated property values in the US making commercial real estate investment there a really profitable venture.;  The North of Spain and many other locations throughout the country are actively taking steps to limit the amount of property that foreign investors can acquire there but for the investor who has already purchased commercial properties there, any new laws passed will have to afford them to be “grandfathered in” despite the new laws and regulations regarding commercial investments in real estate.

How to Be a Smart Commercial Real Estate Investor
How to Be a Smart Commercial Real Estate Investor


For the large commercial property investors, there are even greater opportunities available in this lucrative real estate market. There was recently an entire high-rise condominium tower for sale at an amazingly low price right in Miami Beach. At the time, there was only one family living in the entire tower. While the real estate management company had made attempts to buy the one family out, they decided to stay. Still, the opportunity for a real estate investment like that does not come along very often at all. More often than not, commercial properties on such a large scale have to be built from the ground up. Whether it will be an individual or a group of investors who finally do close such a massive real estate deal, the profit margin on their return of investment should be a nice, tidy little sum.

Granted, there are plenty of equally wondrous opportunities in traditional, commercial real estate properties and they should not by any means be discounted. However, when any individual or group is investing in commercial real estate, they need to carefully consider all of their options. The advantages of investing in commercial properties are and will remain numerous. However, one of the most important rules of successful investing means being able to think outside of the box and not limiting oneself to the more traditional way of thinking. Investing in commercial properties is done for the sake of making a profit or return on the initial investment. To capitalize on the advantages of commercial real estate investment means you never discounting any option without looking at all of the potential detriments and benefits.